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Our team, past and present, have written countless articles over the last 10 years on key credit matters as well as providing commentary on current affairs with a direct impact on UK consumers - typically coming from a financial perspective.

Something even better than a PO Box

Is a PO Box really the best thing to spend your hard-earned money on when looking for an alternative to your home address? Keeping your home address private may be the driving force to finding a suitable PO Box, yet a PO Box can be no more private than simply using your home address.

Understanding WHOIS

For a lot of start-up businesses a functioning website is crucial. In fact, it wouldn't be too much of a stretch to say every business needs an online presence to operate in this digital age.

Your home address available at Companies House - don't put your home at risk

Current UK legislation allows company directors to register a service address with Companies House in order to record a directorship. All directors must provide Companies House with their residential address, but Companies House can keep this private if a service address is used and displayed on the official public record. This provision has helped business owners and directors to keep their home address private, and avoid the possibility of customers, or even protestors, from turning up at their home address.

Christmas delivery gearing up

As the nights draw in and a chill descends across the country it can only mean one thing...Christmas is coming!

Students want lecturers' qualifications readily available

A question has been put to students on whether they should know the academic qualifications of their university lecturers.

Final government stake sold in Royal Mail

The government has now sold its final stake in Royal Mail completing the privatisation process. Since December 2013 public owned stakes have been gradually sold off with the final 13% being sold at 455p a share.

To buy or not to buy

Purchases of a second home generally fall into one of two categories – a buy-to-let investment where the rental can supplement an income/pension, or a holiday home which can be used as a weekend bolthole or summer holiday residence. Owning a second home is a more achievable life goal in Britain than it ever was before. Low interest rates and the availability of buy-to-let mortgages has meant more and more people are investing in a second home.

See your post online

The modern alternative to a PO Box. See your post more quickly, store it and find it more easily, no more piles of post clutter. Keep your address private.

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