Christmas delivery gearing up


As the nights draw in and a chill descends across the country it can only mean one thing...Christmas is coming!

A joy for most, but for the delivery services and Royal Mail it's all hands on deck to cope with the usual Christmas deluge of gifts and cards to be delivered from John-o-Groats to Lands End.

For the postal industry it means thousands of extra staff taken on to deal with the holiday rush, and first out the blocks is the parcel carrier Yodel.

Yodel have announced that 7,000 extra jobs will be created (with over 10% in London) all over the UK. While these seasonal jobs are usually always temporary, Yodel have brought further good cheer to job applicants in that many of the positions created are expected to become permanent roles after Christmas. Yodel have managed to gain some new retailers looking to deliver their items and this growth is allowing for the Christmas temps to become full blown permanent employees. The parcel delivery market is showing no signs of slowing and this Christmas season is expected to be a bumper one again. Dick Stead of Yodel agrees with this thinking saying "Our recent research has shown that the 2015 Christmas period is set to break the mould once again, with nearly four times as many people planning to take advantage of the Black Friday online promotions. Our recruitment and training will support this demand and ensure that both our retail clients and their shoppers have an enjoyable Christmas."

Temporary work around Christmas continues to remain popular and offers people the chance to earn some extra cash for the holidays. Yodel offer flexible working positions with Dick Stead stating "Many of the vacancies are flexible and perfect for those who want to fit work around families, or who have retired but want to remain active and earn some extra cash. Other roles are full-time and we expect many posts to become permanent after the Christmas season. Whatever the job, we’ll be giving everyone working for us the tools they need to deliver a top service."

It remains to be seen if Yodel has prepared itself in a better fashion than during last year's Christmas rush where they had to stop collecting parcels from retailers as the Black Friday promotions coupled with traditional Christmas pressures stretched services to the very limit.

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