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Do I have a choice of UK address for my post?

Not directly. Your scanmypost address will always be our Truro address.

If you wish to have an address elsewhere, we suggest that you set up a PO Box with the Royal Mail, and then use the Mail Redirection Service to have all items received at the PO Box sent to your scanmypost address.

When using the Mail Redirection Service please be sure to quote your APT number.

What's the format of the address I can use?

We will give you the exact address when you register in the form

APT 999
Chynoweth House
Trevissome Park

You are allocated a unique APT number, which we use to identify your post. It’s really important that any post addressed to your scanmypost contains your APT number.

If you wish, you can use 'Suite', 'Room' or 'Apartment' instead of APT.

Can I use the Light User service so I do not have to reveal my private address on my website?

Yes, if you want the service simply to obtain an address you can publish, that's fine. You might not expect to receive any post, but that's not a problem, and if you do, we'll let you know of course

Can I use scanmypost to hide from my creditors?

No, as this would bring the scanmypost address into disrepute.

If we see repeated letters from creditors chasing you for money, we will terminate your account without notice in accordance with clause 13 of our Terms and Conditions.

After the account is closed, you will not be able to re-open it or to view any post received.

Addressing errors

Your post is sorted by the APT number, so it’s really important that when you give out your scanmypost address to others that you quote this correctly.

As a volume operation, it is not always possible for us to identify the ownership of post received that does not contain an APT number. If we tried to do so, the cost of our services would be significantly higher, and the speed of publishing scanned post to accounts would be compromised.

If we receive post without an APT number, we routinely send the item back to any return address provided, marked 'Return to Sender'. If there is no return address the item of post is confidentially shredded. Because of the volumes of post we handle, we do not keep any records of items returned to sender or shredded.

It is important to ensure that you do not allow your unique address to be used by anyone other than you or your partner, because as part of our verification process we match your APT number to the names and aliases we have on file. If post is received in anyone else’s name, we do not have their authority to scan and publish the item of post to you.

Can I use my scanmypost address as my company’s registered address?

For companies registered in England and Wales, yes you can.

You will need to use a separate scanmypost account for each company.

In order for scanmypost to process your business mail, you will need to subscribe to either the Regular User or Premium User packages. We can no longer process business mail under the Light User package.

If you are likely to want more post scanned, choose whichever package suits you best. Each service is totally scalable and offers outstanding value for money.

In addition to our standard authentication process, if you wish to use your scanmypost address as your company’s registered office we will need to see a copy of your Certificate of Incorporation. We will also need to have the address of your principal place of business, and the full home address of one director, which we can verify against the Electoral Roll if you are in the UK. If your directors are located outside the UK, we shall require to see a photocopy of the driving licence of one director, quoting a home address.

How do I register a company name?

If you wish us to receive and scan your company mail, you will need to firstly subscribe to either the Regular User package or the Premium User package. The scanmypost account must be registered in your name (as the authorised director of the company and as our main point of contact) with your company name submitted during the registration process.

Please note that you can only have one registered company on a single scanmypost account - if you wish for us to process post for more than one company you will need to set up a separate scanmypost account for each separate company.

As well as verifying your personal identity, please also provide us with the following information:

  • Copy of Certificate of Incorporation
  • Proof of principal trading address such as; bank statement or coding notice from HMRC
  • Confirmation of full home address of one director, which we can verify against the Electoral Roll
My husband and I are directors, living at the same address, can we buy one subscription to cover us both?

Yes, as long as the item of post arrives to your scanmypost address addressed to the registered company name along with your APT number, then the item will be scanned and uploaded to your account.

In order to use our address as a Director’s Service address or registered office address for your company, you will need to be subscribed to either the Regular User package or Premium User package. Business use is not permitted on the Light User package.

How am I billed?

You will pay an initial £10 set-up fee upon registering for our services. This fee automatically assigns a specific apartment number to you.

Your first regular payment will be charged to your card 30 days after you have been successfully authenticated and will continue to be taken on the same day each month until you decide to cancel.

Additional charges for forwarding, archiving and cheque deposits are instantly chargeable once the request has been made.

An invoice detailing your subscription fee and usage will be securely uploaded to your scanmypost account 15 days before payment is due to be taken each month.

The fee may increase from time to time in which case we will inform you at least 14 days before the new fee comes into effect.

What happens if I don’t pay or if my card is declined?

We will retry your card at regular intervals.

When you sign in to scanmypost, we’ll tell you if we are having difficulty getting payment and you can arrange to change your card details if you wish.

If we cannot obtain payment over a sustained period, we will close your account, let you know by email and delete all items.

What if I expect to receive more than the inclusive number of scans per month?

You simply pay-as-you-go.

Any item received in excess of the inclusive amount within your chosen service is automatically charged at the additional page scan fee. The cost of the additional scans is added to your bill and taken from your card account at the next monthly billing point.

If you find that the amount of post you are receiving has increased, you can easily upgrade your subscription at any point through your account management page. This upgrade option is only available for Light and Regular Users.

What if you receive an item that might cost a fortune to scan, e.g. a booklet or marketing literature sent with a normal letter, or pre-printed inserts?

We apply a degree of judgement.

We understand that when you give our address as yours to other parties, you have no control of the contents of mailing items sent to your scanmypost address.

In general terms we’ll use our judgement and scan only those pages that we feel are relevant for you, and will confidentially destroy all other contents.

If we are in any doubt, we’ll contact you to ask what you want done.

How secure is my online mailbox?

All accesses of mailbox data, processing of personal information and payment information is performed under the protection of a 256-bit SSL certificate – the same level of security that we use to protect the privacy of credit reports and which banks routinely use in online banking applications.

We can't provide specific detail on the nature of the cryptography used for security reasons. At a high level, all data is stored in proprietary encrypted file format which has multi-factor AES encryption.

Decryption requires multiple keys and environment variables to facilitate streaming as a PDF within a secure (256 bit SSL) authenticated session environment for each individual customer. One of the keys used as part of that decryption process is also unique to the customer.

How can I trust scanmypost to deal with my post confidentially and securely?

We have been established since 1998 and have a long and proven record of handling personal information and of delivering it online, safely and securely. We have around 3m customers, many of whom entrust us with their confidential credit records.

In operating scanmypost, we have drawn upon our experience of operating – the first website in the UK and in Australia to provide consumers with online access to their credit reports.

We are a fully licenced credit reference agency, and as such our procedures and processes are examined and audited at the most detailed level. We also have a Worldwide data protection licence. We are PCI compliant, which among other things means that we follow industry best practice on how data is stored and protected. We apply the same stringent security and privacy safeguards to scanmypost that we do to our credit reference agency operations.

We publish a detailed Security and Privacy Policy to ensure that you know exactly what we do with your personal information, which includes the letters we receive for you.

Our offices are physically secure, fully alarmed and monitored, and are equipped with external and internal CCTV. Images are recorded and stored. When post is opened, it is done so under CCTV supervision by a minimum of two persons. One person then scans post, and a separate person checks the scan to ensure that it is only shown to the appropriate person. All staff are permanent and are very carefully vetted. We do not employ temps or seasonal workers.

All post is stored securely for 28 days and then sent for secure, confidential recycling.

I’m worried about identity fraud, what safeguards do you use?

We know an awful lot about identity fraud.

We keep abreast of all identity fraud scams, keep track of identity fraud hotspots, and monitor data breaches. Identity fraud hotspots are published by us in the Check Your Postcode section on

We use all of this knowledge to monitor all post received for signs of identity fraud and scams. If we see a scam, we’ll warn you right away, and better than that, we’ll give you expert advice on what to do to next.

You can obtain a free assessment of what to do to improve your defences against identity fraud by using our Identity Theft Expert System on

Armed with all these resources, we believe that we you should have real peace of mind when using scanmypost to handle your mail - no one else in the UK is as close to the issue of identity fraud as we are.

Where is my post received?

To the address we advise you to have your post forwarded to.

There is no risk of post going astray during unnecessary redirection. Once received, your post is opened, date-stamped, scanned and either destroyed or stored at a secure location.

What happens to post you receive for me?

We open the envelopes, date-stamp each item, scan each page and notify you that we have received the item and then store the item.

Unless you instruct us otherwise, we retain every item for 28 days and then send it for shredding in a secure and confidential environment.

Depending on your subscription package, upon request we can store post beyond the usual 28-day retention period for £3 per item of post.

You can ask us to forward any item to you. We charge £2 for each letter sent while UK parcel forwarding starts from only £5. For large parcels and international forwarding, there is a £5 handling fee plus the cost of postage.

Why do you open both letters and parcels sent to me?

We need to do this to ensure that we do not inadvertently distribute obscene material, regulated substances such as drugs, or any other material that should not be distributed. Also we need to comply with Money Laundering Regulations.

How long do you take to upload my post?

We aim to do this the same day the post is received. Post is received at our offices Monday to Friday.

Because of the volumes we handle, we are unable to look out for any particular item of post and to deal with it any more quickly.

Can you email my post to me?

No. It's not possible to send your post by email as we have to ensure that access to your mail is always secure. Even emailing a PDF is not secure enough to satisfy our compliance requirements.

All mail is scanned in a PDF format and accessed securely online. You can then download the document and print it off or email it to a third party if you wish.

Can you forward selected items of post for me?

Yes, at your request we can do this to any address you specify.

We charge £2 for each letter forwarded, while parcel forwarding starts from £7. We can forward items to you in the UK or internationally.

The scanmypost service is not intended to be used for receipt of parcels or items of value. If received, we can forward these items to your chosen address. Immediate payment will be required in order to process any forwarding requests.

If a parcel, we will need to open the parcel and inspect the contents to ensure that we do not inadvertently forward any items which would put us in breach of UK or international law. If items of value are received, such as Cheques, Deeds, Share Certificates, Life Policies or suchlike, we will securely store the items until we receive a forwarding request. If the value of these items exceeds a certain level, we may be required under the Money Laundering Act 2018 to undertake more stringent levels of authentication before we are able to forward items to you. In this event, any items received for you, not just items of value, will be stored temporarily pending satisfactory authentication.

Magazines and promotional literature, together with junk mail, are automatically destroyed on receipt unless we have agreed to handle them otherwise. You will not be charged for any item received on your behalf and destroyed.

Can you just forward my post without scanning it?

No. scanmypost is not a mail forwarding service.

We open and scan all mail received which is then uploaded to your account so that your mail can be securely viewed online.

We have to open all mail received and inspect the contents to check that we are not in breach of any UK or international laws.

If there is a particular piece of mail that you would like us to forward to you, just request for this to be forwarded through your online mailbox and we can do this for you for a small fee.

If several items of post or parcels are sent to me at my scanmypost address, can you keep them and send them in one consignment to save postage?

Yes we can. You can request through your account to have your items of post bundled together and sent out in one package.

The normal forwarding charges apply when forwarding several items together.

Can you bank cheques received for me at my scanmypost address?

Yes. You need to arrange with us to do this before cheques are sent to us, as otherwise each cheque will be automatically scanned and securely stored.

We will ask you for additional authentication and obtain a paying-in book from you to enable us to bank any cheques upon request.

On receipt of cheques that you would like banked, we scan them first to notify you of receipt. Through your account you can then request to have the cheque paid into your account using the paying in-slip at your bank branch on your behalf. There is a £9 charge for each deposit made.

If we receive a particularly large cheque for you, whether we have agreed to bank them for you or not, please note that we are under a legal obligation to notify the authorities to help prevent money laundering in accordance with the Money Laundering Act 2018.

What are the benefits of using scanmypost?

You can always access your mail securely when you are away from home, wherever you are in the World, at any time 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

scanmypost can also help you avoid giving out your home address for reasons of privacy – this is the main reason that many Directors use our service – so that their family home address is not on held for all to see on the public record.

You can also avoid building up cluttered filing cabinets or random piles of mail and instead rely on viewing the scans and printing off only those that you need in paper form.

Compared to using Mail Redirection services, scanning can be both cheaper and faster.

Because you decide who you give our address to, only those items of post that you wish to be forwarded will be scanned – you choose what you want forwarded to us, and what you are happy to continue to be received at your home address.

Who uses scanmypost?

Our customers have many different reasons for using scanmypost.

Typically, our customers include anyone who travels away from home regularly, and who needs to access post promptly, or anyone who prefers to keep their home address private, or anyone who has fears that post sent to their home address may be intercepted – most identity fraud attempts involve the interception of post to a home address.

Others use scanmypost to forward post sent to infirm, hospitalised or elderly relatives in care homes, so that mail can be handled promptly.

Some, like students and nurses, use our services to ensure that private mail is not either sent to home addresses, or to insecure halls of residence addresses, whilst away from home.

Anyone who objects to having their family home address on publicly available databases (such as company directors and some celebrities) or wishes to keep their home address private.

If you’ve got this far into our website, it’s a good bet that you’ll have your own private reason for using scanmypost.

Can I organise/clear out selected scans of my post?

Yes, just click on the ‘delete’ option next to each item of post. This will then remove that particular item from your online mailbox.

We continue to hold all physical items of post for 28 days from the day of receipt. After this date the item will be securely destroyed.

Is it easy to keep track of my scanned page allowance?

Yes, just sign in to your scanmypost account.

You can check your usage and your billing amounts online, once you have been authenticated.

Am I tied down to a minimum term contract with scanmypost?

No, you can easily cancel your subscription at any time by sending an email to

You can also upgrade your package at any point if you feel the amount of post you are receiving has increased.

Under what circumstances would you terminate my scanmypost account?

Mostly, if you don’t pay us, or if you break the law or if you bring our address into disrepute, such as using your new address for hiding from creditors.

If your card payment is refused, we will try to obtain payment from your card but if we are unable to do so for a sustained period we will eventually terminate your scanmypost account.

We may also terminate your scanmypost account without notice if we think you have used our services for any unlawful purpose, if you claim that our address is your principal place of business, or if you bring our address into disrepute. Examples of bringing our address into disrepute includes adverse publicity, receipt of distress warrants or service of writs at our address, or visits by debt collectors or bailiffs, but most often relate to using scanmypost to hide from creditors.

After the account is closed, you will not be able to re-open it or to view any post received.

Who is behind scanmypost?

scanmypost is a PostStore service, a division of Credit Reporting Agency Limited. We are a fully licensed credit reference agency and also have a Worldwide Data Protection Licence.

We also have a long history of innovation and dealing with sensitive data for consumers.

We were the first company to provide consumers with online access to credit reports in the UK and in Australia. With over 20 year’s experience of handling extremely sensitive data for consumers both online and offline, and helping to combat identity fraud, we are trusted by almost 3m people. Most of all, we are proud to have a long track record of providing first class customer support.

Credit Reporting Agency stores data at highly secure facilities in two separate locations for disaster recovery purposes. Each one of our staff is vetted and professionally trained.