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Please read carefully. Access to this website is subject to these Terms and Conditions ('Terms'). By using this website, you agree immediately to be bound by these Terms, which form a binding contract between you and Credit Reporting Agency Limited ('We', 'us', 'our') and which contain your legal rights and important obligations. If you do not accept these Terms in full, please leave this website.

  1. Use of this website is subject to the laws of England and to these terms and conditions which do not affect your statutory rights.
  2. When you use our services, either in your personal capacity or as an authorised person for any limited company or partnership you have registered with us, you agree to appoint Credit Reporting Agency Limited as your attorney for the specific purposes of receiving and handling post, opening letters addressed to you or your company, or any letters you have authorised others to be redirected to us, scanning the contents, storing the contents electronically and shredding the original post items either one month after receipt, forwarding post at your request either to you or to third parties and, if you use our services for company registered address purposes, you also authorise us to act on the company’s behalf under sections 270 or 274 of the Companies Act 2006.
  3. You authorise us until further notice to charge your credit card or bank account with the monthly or annual fee, together with any additional costs we incur in providing you with our services, at each appropriate interval after your initial purchase. After the initial set-up fee, our services are chargeable in arrears. The fee may increase from time to time in which case we will inform you at least 14 days before the new fee comes into effect.
  4. You can cancel at any time by emailing us. We will arrange with you to take any outstanding payment due, forward any stored items to you, close your account and thereafter will no longer scan, store or forward any further items for you. Any items received after cancellation will be confidentially shredded or destroyed.
  5. You agree that we may take steps to authenticate you, both when you first sign up and from time to time thereafter. This may include searches of credit reference agencies and fraud prevention agencies. You authorise us to make such enquiries. Searches we make of credit reference agencies will leave a search footprint both in our records and at the credit reference agencies we search. Credit reference agencies will use records of our searches for the purposes of helping others authenticate you and assess you for credit, and may also be used to help prevent money laundering, the occasional tracing of debtors and for fraud prevention purposes.
  6. You warrant to provide us with your current address at all times, and also agree that if items of value are received by us on your behalf, and unless we have agreed otherwise, we will forward such items to you at the current address we have on file for you. Items of value include cash, cheques, share certificates, passports, credit cards, travellers cheques, money orders, postal orders, insurance certificates, title deeds and any similar items. You agree to provide us promptly with any change of address, email address, phone number and mobile phone number. In the event that the value of items exceeds a certain limit, you acknowledge that we are required by law to undertake more stringent levels of authentication, under the Money Laundering Act 2007, before we are able to forward items to you, in which case the items will be held by us pending satisfactory authentication. Unless we have agreed otherwise, any junk mail or magazines received by us on your behalf will be destroyed confidentially.
  7. When you give your scanmypost address to others to use, you agree to make it clear to them that they must address items to you as we advise. For individuals this means using as a minimum your first initial and surname and the full address, including the APT number, as we advise it to you. You agree only to use scanmypost for post addressed to you, your partner and the maiden name of either of you. If you use scanmypost for post addressed to a limited company, you agree that each limited company must use a separate scanmypost subscription. In the event that the APT number is not quoted on post received, you agree that the item will be returned to sender, where appropriate, or confidentially destroyed, where no sender information is available. Because of the volumes of post we handle, no records are maintained by us of items returned to sender.
  8. If you use the Royal Mail Redirection service, you agree to authorise Royal Mail to redirect only the post items that you are lawfully entitled to send elsewhere and for which you have permission to view. You agree not to use the service if there are others living within the property that may be adversely affected by redirecting mail. When contracting with Royal Mail, you must have the permission of each of the persons whose mail will be redirected to us.
  9. If your subscription fee is not paid for any reason, we shall notify you by email that our attempts to obtain payment have failed and we shall make further attempts to obtain payment of the fee at regular intervals. During this period, the ability for you to view your post online will be suspended. Once a successful payment attempt has been made, we will reactivate your account, make any received items available for you to view and shall resume attempts to obtain regular payments thereafter. If you continue to owe us money for services and we are unable to obtain repayment after a reasonable period, you agree that we have an equitable lien on any goods or valuables held on your behalf, which will not be released until you have paid us in full.
  10. Our services are intended for the forwarding and scanning of letter post items. You agree that you will not use our services or allow any other person to use our services for any unlawful purpose. An unlawful purpose includes (but is not limited to) the distribution of any obscene or otherwise illegal or malicious images or content, or any unlawful or illegal substance or publication, or any weapons or ammunition, or any drugs or medical equipment (whether distribution of such is controlled or restricted by law, or not), or any stolen goods, liquids or any chemicals or other dangerous substances. You agree that we shall be the sole arbiter of what items may or may not be deemed to fall within the auspices of this clause. We accept that you may not always be in control of what is sent to you, but you agree without limitation that any such goods or items will either be destroyed or where appropriate will be handed over to the Police or other authorities on receipt. Wherever possible we shall refuse to accept delivery of any goods or items falling within the auspices of this clause. We reserve the right to terminate your account in the event that such materials are received. In such circumstances you shall remain fully liable for any costs outstanding at the date of termination and you indemnify us and keep us indemnified from any fine, penalty or other costs incurred generally. You acknowledge that you are aware that upon receipt of certain items or as a result of criminal investigations we are obliged by law to report such matters to various authorities including the Police, the Serious Organised Crime Office and to investigators appointed by statute or under the law. You also acknowledge that after closure of your account whether by us or by you, even if you have sought deletion of all documents from your account with us, we retain audit copies which by law we are required to provide the authorities with upon their lawful request.
  11. If you use our address as the registered address for a limited company, you agree that you will not purport or imply that our address is the principal place of business of that limited company. You also agree that in the event that we receive post that could bring our address into disrepute, we may either change the registered address of the limited company to the one supplied to us as your main contact address, or may return post items to sender, at our discretion. Such items that could bring our address into disrepute include but are not limited to letters from Companies House advising of receipt of form DS01 applying for the company to be struck off, a notice from the Registrar of Companies giving notice that the company is to be struck off and/or dissolved, or other letters received from Companies House or HM Revenue & Customs advising of overdue returns.
  12. You agree that you will not publish images or maps relating to our address on any printed materials or on the Internet that suggest you are physically trading from our address.
  13. The address used by scanmypost is used by thousands of other scanmypost users and by ourselves. It is important that the integrity of the address is maintained at all times. You must not use the scanmypost service to hide your true address from pressing creditors. You agree that we will immediately terminate your account if you bring our address into disrepute for any reason, without notice or forewarning. You agree that we shall be the sole arbiter of what event may bring our address into disrepute. Such events include but are not limited to adverse publicity, receipt of distress warrants or service of writs at our address, visits by debt collectors or bailiffs, notices that your company is to be struck off, or repeated correspondence from pressing creditors or other forms of dunning letters. In the event of termination by us as a result of this clause, no refund shall be due in respect of any payment made to us and any monies remaining due to us shall become immediately repayable.
  14. You agree without limitation that the use of our services is entirely at your own risk. We shall always use all reasonable endeavours to provide our services to you in the manner described, but we take no responsibility for the safekeeping of any items in our possession, nor for any item forwarded to you by Royal Mail, courier or otherwise. If such items are of value, you agree to arrange to insure them as you see fit. We can take no responsibility for any delay or loss of any item that is sent to us, or forwarded by us, nor can we be liable for any actions that are beyond or within our control.
  15. You agree that you will not hold us, our employees, or any of our suppliers liable for any direct or indirect damages, costs, losses or expenses of any nature resulting from the use or misuse of the services delivered by us. You agree not to hold our suppliers liable for any delay in delivery or if we fail to supply you or if we omit any information for any reason. You agree to indemnify and keep indemnified us, our employees and agents and our suppliers against any claim or action made against us or them for any losses damages costs or other expenses in connection with your use of our services.
  16. We seek your feedback on our services which you agree we may publish on our website. Feedback is posted by individuals acting in their own right and does not necessarily reflect our own opinion, nor do we warrant that such feedback is accurate or reliable. You agree not to post any defamatory or libelous feedback or information that may promote commercial activity or reveal personal details of either yourself of any other person. You agree that we shall not be liable for any statement, misstatement, inaccuracy or omission of any type for any feedback submitted by any individual. We reserve the right to remove or edit any feedback posted at any time and for any reason.
  17. If you ask us to forward items to you, our suppliers and we will take care to exercise reasonable skill in arranging to do so. This service is provided entirely at your own risk. We do not limit nor exclude any liability we may have to you for death or personal injury caused by negligence but in any other instance you agree that our liability to you is limited to the amount of payments you have made to us over the past year.
  18. This website and its contents are owned by Credit Reporting Agency Limited and are protected by copyright. scanmypost is a trade mark of Credit Reporting Agency Limited. You agree that you will not infringe either the copyright nor the trade mark, nor use this site for any unlawful purpose. You agree that you will not modify, adapt, sub-license, translate, sell, re-sell, reverse engineer, decompile or disassemble any part of this website nor frame or mirror any part of this website unless you have obtained our prior specific written consent to do so. You also agree not to use any robot, spider, site search, retrieval application, or any other device or process to retrieve, index, data mine or in any way reproduce or change the navigational structure or presentation of this website.
  19. We take substantial steps to protect the privacy of an individual when providing information over the Internet. You acknowledge and understand that there is always a remote possibility that criminal actions may result in unauthorised access to scanned or stored items. We take no responsibility if confidential information is unlawfully intercepted, hacked or stolen and subsequently disclosed. You agree that you will not disclose your password and user name to any one at any time. You agree that you will not distribute or make available any information supplied by us to any third party. If you become aware of any unauthorised use of our services, or if we make available to you any information that you know or suspect does not relate to you, you agree to inform us immediately in order that steps may be taken to remedy the situation and to protect confidential information. You understand and agree that we do not warrant that we shall be always accurate in identifying items received as yours.
  20. We have installed security devices and follow procedures that are designed to prevent unlawful access to information. From time to time we may have to temporarily suspend access to our services to enable us to protect this information. You agree that we may terminate supply of information to you at any time and without notice and for any reason that we will not disclose or discuss.
  21. We continually try to improve the services we offer and we may change the nature or content of this web site, and any other aspect of our products and services without notice. If subscriptions are varied, we will advise you at least 14 days before the new rate comes into effect.
  22. We may provide links to other sites on our website and within our emails. These are provided for your convenience. We have no control over the content of the linked web sites and we assume no liability or responsibility for their accuracy, completeness or otherwise.
  23. In the event of any dispute between us regarding the interpretation of these terms and conditions or the rights and obligations of either of us, as an alternative to any right you may have to take legal proceedings in England, you may choose to submit any dispute either to the arbitration of two parties (one selected by you and one selected by us) or to a mutually agreed umpire in accordance with the Arbitration Act 1996 or any subsequent amendment to that law.
  24. In the event that you charge back a credit card or debit card transaction for any reason, you agree that we may record details at a credit reference agency (which may or may not include us, as we are a registered credit reference agency ourselves) together with your name and address and date of birth details, so that we and other organisations who search that credit reference agency may use such information for the purposes of payment risk assessment, money laundering and fraud prevention. The sharing of information in this way helps to reduce bad debts and credit fraud.
  25. You acknowledge that we may be required to reveal information about you or your post under compulsion of law or by a Court Order. In all other cases we shall keep your information confidential unless you agree otherwise.
  26. Each of these terms are severable such that in the event that any of these terms is found to be unenforceable by law, the remainder of the terms shall remain fully enforceable. You agree that if we terminate your account for any reason, that you will remain bound by these terms and conditions and that the authorities you give as a result of agreeing to these terms and conditions shall remain in full effect and without diminution.
  27. You agree that we will hold you liable for any additional costs which may include unpaid postage fines on incoming mail, scans in excess of the inclusive amount specified in the package that you subscribe to, storage costs, forwarding and handling costs, any custom duties or other taxes. We do not accept packages on a Cash on Delivery basis.
  28. Governing law and jurisdiction We operate this website from our registered office at Trevithick House, Trevissome Park, Truro, Cornwall, TR4 8UN, England. In common with most websites, this website can be accessed from almost anywhere in the World. If you are not accessing the website from England or Wales, the laws that apply to your country may well differ from those of England. In accessing this website, you agree that these terms and conditions and your use of this website shall be governed in all respect by the laws of England, without regard to conflict of laws or other regulation and in particular shall not be governed by the United Nations Convention on the International Sale of Goods. You also agree to process, store and keep confidential all information as if you are subject to the Data Protection Act 1998 You further submit to exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of England for all disputes, cases and controversies regarding this website, your use of this website and your relationship with us, subject only to your option to use the dispute resolution process set out in clause 18 above. We make no representation that materials on this website are appropriate or available for use in other locations. Accessing this website from territories where the content is illegal or unlawful is prohibited. If you choose to access this website from other locations then you agree that you do so entirely at your own risk and that you are responsible for compliance with local laws including any laws regarding the transmission of data exported either from England or from the country in which you reside, or from the country you are in when you access the website.


If you wish to make a complaint, please email us. Our complaints policy is that:

  • We will acknowledge your complaint usually within 24 hours and always within 2 working days
  • We will deal with it confidentially
  • We aim to provide a fair response within 5 working days
  • If your complaint requires detailed investigation we will keep you advised regularly by email of the progress we have made
  • If you are unhappy with our response, you can appeal to our Operations Director for a personal review of your complaint, by writing to us at Credit Reporting Agency Limited, Trevithick House, Trevissome Park, Truro, Cornwall, TR4 8UN

You also have an option to register a complaint using the EU Online Dispute Resolution Platform for cross-border consumer claims.

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